Testimonials from our Patients 

"On January 8th, I had a heart attack.  My wife drove me to Bourbon Community Hospital.  Upon entering the emergency room, I was met by Tracy Evans and several others.  They were quick to place me on a bed, hook me up to monitors and IV's.  They soon realized that I was having a heart attack and called an ambulance to take me to Baptist Health.  When I arrived there, they already had a copy of my tests and immediately took me to the cath lab.  I later learned that my heart attack was very serious and could have been critical.  I am most pleased with the care I received at Bourbon Community Hospital."

Paris, KY

"This is my hospital!"

"This place is like a resort. . . It doesn't even seem like a hospital.  Everyone is so nice!"

"Your kindness and help will not be forgotten.  I am sorry we met under such circumstances, but I am grateful we met nonetheless.

A Stoner Creek Patient (Fayette County)

"I would like to thank the entire respiratory department for making my stress test as painless and as pleasant as possible"

Georgetown, KY 

"Everyone I came in contact with was superb!  From the doctor, nurses, registration, techs.  They were all great."

Dry Ridge, KY

"My nurses were wonderful.  They helped me and they healed me.  They were fantastic and so was the doctor."

Mount Sterling, KY

"This hospital is full of love."

"Just wanted to thank you for your hospitality and for the awesome care of my nephew.  Your entire staff, including the dietary, treated my family with the upmost respect.  I truly appreciate it.  Thank you!"

Stamping Ground, KY

"The mammogram director was fabulous and caring!  Super nice and informative.  Thank you!

"Bourbon Community Hospital has been wonderful to me!  I went to the ER yesterday and was diagnosed with appendicitis.  Every single person I came in contact with was wonderful!  Several people stopped and checked on me when they didn't have to.  I was admitted and in my room quickly.  Radiology staff for CT was very knowledgeable and thorough.  Med-Surg nurses were fantastic.  The surgeon and OR staff were phenomenal.  I am thankful for our little hospital.  Job well done!  And let me add. . . this is not my first excellent experience there."

Millersburg, KY