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Hospitalist Program

What does a hospitalist do?

At Bourbon Community Hospital, the hospitalists' goals are:

  • To provide you with high quality compassionate medical care
  • To attend promptly to your needs while in the hospital
  • To keep you informed about your condition and treatment
  • To involve you and your family in your plan of care
  • To inform your primary care physician of your progress and your condition at the time of discharge
  • To assure a smooth transition to home or other care setting upon your discharge, including providing many rehabilitation services

We understand that being in the hospital can be an overwhelming and even frightening experience. Hospitalists work to reduce the stress of being in the hospital. We believe that every patient is unique with his or her own beliefs and values. We want to include your preferences and respect your wishes in our decisions regarding your care.

We encourage you and your family to let us know about your personal preferences and ask any questions you have about your care. You may want to write them down so we can be sure to answer them.

We will visit you each day, as often as your care needs. If you need to reach us in between visits, just let any member of the hospital staff know; we are never very far away. Your Hospitalist will give you his or her personal card, in case you have to reach us after you are discharged.

We want to exceed your expectations with the personal care and concern you deserve.

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