BCH offers latest evolution in sinus surgery technology

Did you know that a 1994 survey showed that the pain, fatigue and depression from chronic sinusitis is worse than that from chest pain, heart disease and back pain? More than 37 million Americans suffer each year from chronic sinusitis, an inflammation or infection that has become the nation's most common long-term disease. Some 20 percent of those have a case severe enough to warrant surgery.

Unfortunately, surgeons throughout the nation have been somewhat limited in their ability to solve their patent's sinus problems – until now. The surgery that used to be extremely tedious, because of the sinuses' proximity to vital organs and structures, can now be performed more comfortably and more effectively.

Dr. Victor Lawson, an Otolaryngology surgeon at Bourbon Community Hospital, is using the LandmarX ENT Image Guidance System developed by Medtronic. The LandmarX allows the surgeon to navigate the sinus cavity within a sub millimeter of accuracy, which is critically important because each patient‘s anatomy is different. This is truly amazing technology that allows the surgeon to plan and perform complex sinus procedures more thoroughly and with fewer complications. It's a great tool in the treatment of sinus disease.

Along with fewer complications, the new procedure causes less swelling around the eyes, less pain, less scarring and less packing after surgery. "A lot of people with sinusitis didn't want to have the surgery done before because of possible complications," stated Dr. Oscar Perez, Chief of Staff. "Now, both the patients and the physicians have a much higher confidence level."

"This is another technological leap forward for Bourbon Community Hospital and a great investment in our patients' well-being," stated Joe Koch, CEO. "People are sometimes surprised at how many patients we attract from other parts of the State. This new sinus surgery technology will only add to that trend. It gives us an opportunity to further serve our patients, not only in Bourbon County, but in surrounding counties."

For more information on this and other procedures performed at Bourbon Community Hospital, contact Diane Wagoner, Director of Business Development and Medical Staff Services at 859/987-100 or e-mail her at diane.wagoner@LPNT.net.